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Monday, April 2, 2012

Horsemen's Re-Union

Natural Horsemanship lovers and Cow Folk of every type, Rejoice!

The First-Ever Horsemen's Re-Union is here in Paso Robles, CA!

Visit for full details of this one-of-a-kind event.

April 2-7, 2012 marks an unprecedented occurrence! An assembly of the top world-class horsemen, clinicians and ranch cowboys in one place.

If you follow any of the most exciting trends in horsemanship and ranching (or watch RFD-TV), you will be familiar with many of the names of the skilled horseman attending this unique event. Chris Cox, Craig Cameron, and Pat Parelli are a few of the biggies. Also, in an exciting move, local and skilled-but-not-tv-star horsemen will also be competing to show their talents and strengths in training 40 head of 2 and 3 year olds over 5 days for an ultimate sale preview and auction to follow on the 6th day.

These great horses have been bred in Southern California by Rowly and Cathie Twisselman of Madonna Inn Quarter Horses. The fine bloodlines of these steeds can be seen in depth on the website and include the sires: Athenolena, Barrossob, RF Doolin Leo, Twisselena, and Texas Playgun.

Over 5 days, these fine horseman will train 40 head of well bred ranch horses and each day will be an education in ultimate horsemanship carried out in real time! Imagine the benefit of watching these valuable days. The horses will be able to display a great array of training by day 5, including roping and working of cattle.

The nights are also chock full of heavenly action, with a dinner benefitting the Western Wishes charity ( This charity benefits children and adults facing adversity in life who are greatly benefitted from invitation to and participation in western lifestyle--such as rodeos, horse shows and country music events.

In addition to great food and dancing, there are entertainers of great popularity among the western and country set. Dave Stamey (a personal favorite), J. Parson, Baxter Black and Red Steagall are all part of this fantastic lineup!

All this leads up to a grand finale and auction on day 6--imagine the lucky bidders on these horses. Additionally, there will be other horses offered for sale, who have even more extensive training from some of the attending horsemen.

The event is being produced by Martin Black, Chris Cox and Rowly & Cathie Twisselman. It is being presented by Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment, and is additionally supported by great sponsors such as Western Horseman magazine, Priefert Ranch Equipment, Renew Gold and PlasVacc.

So, if watching this type of event is up your alley, or if you are looking for a rock-solid young horse with an excellent foundation, this event should not be missed! And, if you found out about it a bit later than planning allowed (like me), you'll be sure I catch it next time around!

It's like a gathering of horse-superheroes!

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Location:Paso Robles, CA

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