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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Great Meal at Cafe Rustica!

Cafe Rustica has long been known as a restaurant with really great food all the time.

We had another fine meal there Friday night, and thought we should mention this establishment and report in on a tasty meal.

For a full menu and wine list, visit You'll find something to suit everyone in your party.

If you like salads, just order any on this menu and your expectations of size and quality will be met and exceeded. And, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing the ingredients are sourced as locally as possible.

I had the Butter Lettuce salad, which was a deviation from my routine of the pear and gorgonzola-style salad. When we walked in, I spotted a Butter Lettuce salad ready on the counter, and it looked like an immaculate pile of perfectly dressed heaven--and I was not disappointed. My dad had one, too and my mom had the pear and gorgonzola salad. My husband ordered the BLT salad and that was a winner, too! Huge piles of tasty salad for all.

If you've never had the cream of mushroom soup-you most definitely should! You'll receive a generous terrine of rich, buttery, flavorful cream of mushroom soup, and it is a favorite of ours.

In our group, we had the following items as entrees: Rib Eye Steak, Special Short Ribs, and the steamed clams appetizer. As usual, each dish was cooked well, seasoned nicely and came with very complimentary sides / garnishes.

The real delight was the Lemon Pudding for dessert. What an amazing flavor! Tart, sweet, and intensely lemon--paired with ripe, sweet strawberries. Although my dad was hesitant to veer from the Bittersweet Chocolate Torte, he was so surprised and grateful for the unique lemony finish to our meal.

Truly enjoyable!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Introducing. . .

Hello, and thank you for viewing this community site committed to covering horse-friendly topics and activities as well as connecting with local businesses and establishments!

As a lifetime native of Carmel Valley and the surrounding areas, I feel Carmel Valley is the finest place to pursue a rural lifestyle while enjoying beautiful scenery and being close to the Monterey Peninsula. Carmel Valley is a local's delight, making it famous for wines, food, art, olive oil and agriculture.

Carmel Valley residents are well-rounded and find life here is a unique and rewarding retreat from the typical Californian pace.

For those of us who have lived here forever, this is no surprise, and we are just thrilled to see the quality of our lives improve with each season.

The Carmel Valley Horse. . .

I feel the area has an amazing history in how horsemanship has developed and so much of what is popular in riding today has deep roots here in our very own Carmel Valley! From working cattle, to dressage, to pleasure riding in the hills, Carmel Valley is home to horse lovers of all disciplines.

As a small child, I lived across Carmel Valley Road from Ray Hackworth's ranch, and maybe it's those early memories that stamped the love of horses onto my subconscious. Horses have been a lifetime passion, and now I would like to share lots of horsey experience, research and activities with others who are interested in horses or even just businesses and local flavor.

Please contact me with your horse stories, or local events and businesses! I'd like to go on a quest to discover and rediscover my home stomping grounds making it fun for all who come along for the ride.

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